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bar; counter; rod; pole, stick; loaf; ingot; sandbank, sandbar; bar association, organization which authorizes lawyers and oversees the law profession; band, gang; estuary, place where the river current meets the sea tide
smear, spread something across or over a surface, smudge
sweep; sweep away; rake; scavenge; achieve an overwhelming victory; look after oneself; (Mexico) grovel

counter, bar, desk




bar (of chocolate)

(n.) = bar ; crossbar.
Nota: De la bicicleta.
Ex: While a label is being scanned, the bars should always be visible through the windows.
Ex: The fact that ladies bikes have no crossbar dates back to Victorian times when the ladies of the day would wear long skirts and ride side-saddle.
* barra amortiguadora = strut.
* barra baja = underscore.
* barra cortasangre = styptic pencil.
* barra cruzada = crossbar.
* barra de cacao de labios = chapstick.
* barra de chocolate = candy bar.
* barra de cortina = curtain pole.
* barra de desplazamiento = space bar.
* barra de herramientas = toolbar.
* barra de labios = lipstick.
* barra de menú = menu bar.
* barra de pago = no-host bar.
* barra de pan = loaf of bread ; loaf ; French bread.
* barra de pegamento = glue stick.
* barra de tareas = taskbar.
* barra en vídeo inverso de selección en pantalla = highlighting bar.
* barra espaciadora = space bar.
* barra hemostática = styptic pencil.
* barra inclinada (/) = slash (/) ; diagonal slash ; oblique stroke (/) ; stroke (/) ; sloped stroke (/) ; oblique line (/) ; oblique.
* barra inclinada a la izquierda (\) = backslash (\).
* barra redonda de madera = dowelling.
* barras de color = colour bar.
* barra vertical (|) = vertical stroke (|).
* carta de barras de color = colour bar.
* codificación por medio de códigos de barras = barcoding [bar-coding].
* codificar por medio de códigos de barras = barcode [bar-code].
* código de barras = barcode [bar-code] ; softstrip.
* código de barras precodificado = smart barcode.
* desplazarse en pantalla pulsando la barra espaciadora = space over.
* diagrama de barras = bar chart ; bar graph.
* etiqueta de código de barras = barcode label.
* lector de código de barras = barcode reader ; barcode scanner.
(n.) = bar counter.
Ex: Some pubs have menus on the tables, others have menus on the bar counter or chalked on blackboards - or both.
* barra de bar = bar counter.
* barra de pago = cash bar.
* barra libre = open bar.
* caballete de la barra = bar-catch.
(v.) = sweep up ; sweep.
Ex: Who else is going to flip the burgers, clean the resistant bomb-proof windows of the glitzy mile-high skyscrapers -- also take out the garbage, wash the dishes, park the cars, sweep up the papers in the parks?.
Ex: The hall must be swept, vacuumed and mopped after the function.
* barrer el suelo = sweep + the floor.
* barrer hacia dentro = feather + Posesivo/the + nest.
* barrer para casa = look after + number one ; feather + Posesivo/the + nest ; look out for + number one.
* barrer para dentro = feather + Posesivo/the + nest.
* barrido por el viento = windswept.
(v.) = sweep ; sweep + Nombre + off ; trounce ; win by + a landslide ; storm to + victory ; knock + Posesivo + socks off ; win + big ; walk all over + Alguien ; get + goose-egged ; knock + the socks out of.
Ex: Her eyes swept the room and then enveloped him in an icy glare.
Ex: In places the waters had swept container lorries loaded with goods yards off the road where they now lay twisted and mangled and almost unrecognizable as vehicles.
Ex: Defending champions Japan fought back from 1-0 behind to trounce Thailand 4-1 to qualify for the quarter-finals.
Ex: The polls mean nothing at this point -- if he wins by a landslide fantastic but we are in June not October, long way between there and now.
Ex: Labour's David Lammy stormed to victory in the Tottenham Parliamentary election with a thumping majority.
Ex: My favorite memory was upending the number one team in the tournament last year -- they were so cocky, and we came out and knocked their socks off.
Ex: France wins big in European Swimming Championships.
Ex: The Scouses were the first real challenge for Fulham this season but they were walked all over by the Londoners.
Ex: Both of these teams suffered the humiliation of getting goose-egged on the scoreboard Thursday night.
Ex: We want him to knock the socks out of anyone who's in his way, we want to see the world recognize him.

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