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stop it; enough said
be enough, be sufficient, suffice
coarse, rough; base, low; ace of clubs

closing, end, closure


(v.) = suffice ; do + quite well enough.
Ex: The tables permit one list to suffice for applications with respect to many different subjects.
Ex: But for now, having fun and feeling famous will do quite well enough.
* bastar ya = enough + be + enough.
* basta ya = that's enough.
* no bastar = not be good enough.
* saber decir basta = draw + the line at.
* ya bastar = enough + be + enough.
(adj.) = coarse ; rugged ; rough ; uncouth ; coarsened ; gross ; rough and rugged ; unpolished ; rude .
Ex: The sections of a book were stapled to a coarse cloth backing, but unfortunately the staples soon rusted and became brittle.
Ex: This article describes a prototype kiosk which, despite being rugged, would be better suited to location within a public building = Este artículo describe un prototipo de kiosco que, a pesar de su apariencia tosca, sería más adecuado para ubicarlo dentro de un edificio público.
Ex: In addition they are able to sustain the library services in this rough terrain.
Ex: All the writers chosen characterized eastern Europe throughout the 18th century as uncouth and backward.
Ex: Van Dijck's widely-used italics of the mid seventeenth century were slightly coarsened versions of Granjon's types.
Ex: Janell has always had a soft spot in her heart for animals most people might find gross.
Ex: The western shoreline of Lake Superior has rough and rugged beauty.
Ex: It seems too rush, too unpolished to be a final product.
Ex: This Indian head carved on such a great boulder to this day a testimony to the aborigines of America, who by such rude means as this sought to carry to posterity some signs by which they would not be forgotten.
* basta de = so much for.
* hacer basto = coarsen.
* sin dar basto = left, right and centre.

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