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stick, staff; walking stick; cane; truncheon, rod representing authority; pallet


(n.) = walking stick ; cane ; wand ; baton.
Ex: The author presents an historical survey of the specific technical field of umbrellas, parasols and walking sticks.
Ex: Library patrons had with them a range of other possessions, including boxes of tissue, electronic translators, cameras, walking aids (e.g., canes), baby bottles, skateboards, and even bicycles = Además, los usuarios tenían otra serie de objetos personales como, por ejemplo, cajas de pañuelos de papel, traductores electrónicos, cámaras, utensilios para ayudar a caminar (por ej., bastones), biberones, monopatines e incluso bicicletas.
Ex: The sweeper had 2 hand-operated blowing wands to help move the jojoba seeds from under the bushes into the sweeper's path.
Ex: Instead all they will have is Senators up on stage waving the baton, and using it for their own political gain.
* bastón de mando = gavel ; ceremonial staff ; staff.
* pasar el bastón de mando = pass over + the gavel ; hand over + the gavel.

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