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rubbish, refuse, garbage; dregs; manure, animal dung, fertilizer




(n.) = rubbish ; junk ; litter ; garbage ; dross ; trash ; schlock ; shit ; hogwash ; cruft ; refuse ; swill.
Ex: Science fiction may be so obviously rubbish that one is tempted to dismiss the whole product as rubbish.
Ex: All the librarian has is a pile of useless junk which people have given to the library instead of throwing out.
Ex: Indeed, she was delighted to forsake the urban reality of steel and glass, traffic and crime, aspirin and litter, for the sort of over-the-fence friendliness of the smaller city.
Ex: Some individuals are satisfied with a 50% 'hit' rate because they feel they can more quickly weed out the 'garbage' than they could compile the needed bibliography by hand.
Ex: They do have the problem, however, of being able to sort out the nuggets of literary gold from amongst the torrents of published dross.
Ex: For one thing, the librarian cannot really understand why his clients read 'trash' or books of ephemeral value.
Ex: Adolescents should be allowed such pleasant means of escaping reality and there's no reason why libraries can't accommodate a little schlock.
Ex: Until your skin gets use to it, it will itch but non-scented talcum powder will help, just make sure you don't inhale any of that shit.
Ex: The film proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the official story is hogwash and that all the evidence points towards an inside job.
Ex: This cruft doesn't harm the system, it merely takes up some space.
Ex: It is the responsibility of the householder to ensure the refuse is bagged securely.
Ex: All of this crap is just swill that they feed the public.
* alcantarillado y basura = sanitation.
* arrojar a la basura = trash.
* basura 7 recogida de basura = rubbish collection.
* basura espacial = space debris ; space junk ; space waste ; orbital debris.
* basura industrial = industrial waste.
* basura urbana = municipal waste.
* bolsa de basura = bin liner ; bin bag ; rubbish bag ; garbage bag.
* buscar entre la basura = scavenge.
* camión de la basura = garbage truck ; rubbish truck ; rubbish lorry ; dustcart [dust cart].
* comida basura = junk food.
* con basura por el suelo = littered.
* contenedor de basura = rubbish skip ; waste container.
* contenedor de basura con ruedas = wheelie bin.
* contenedor de la basura = dumpster.
* correo basura = junk mail ; spam ; junk e-mail.
* cubo de la basura = waste bin ; trashcan [trash can] ; dustbin [dust bin] ; rubbish bin ; trash bin ; garbage can.
* eliminación de basura = waste disposal.
* mendigo que rebusca en la basura = dumpster rat.
* persona que tira basura al suelo = litterbug ; litter lout.
* pordiosero de la basura = scavenger.
* punto de recogida de basura = rubbish tip ; community recycling centre.
* recogida de basura = waste collection ; garbage collection ; refuse removal ; refuse collection.
* sacar la basura = take out + the garbage ; put out + the rubbish ; take out + the rubbish ; put out + the garbage.
* tirar a la basura = junk ; bin.
* tirar basura al suelo = litter.
* tratar a Alguien como (si fuese) basura = treat + Nombre + like dirt.
* vertedero de basura = landfill site ; landfill.
* vertedero de basuras = garbage dump.

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