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dressing gown, loose robe worn before dressing or when lounging around the house; wrapper, robe; overalls, smock; negligee, peignoir; mother
beat; whisk, whip; whir; hammer, hit or strike with a hammer; flap, move the wings or arms up and down; reconnoitre, scout an enemy's territory in order to gather useful information; defeat; (Andean) rinse out; (Southern Cone) inform against

négligé, undress



(n.) = coat ; robe ; lab coat ; smock ; dressing gown ; housecoat.
Ex: The article is entitled 'The technicolor coat of the academic library personnel officer: the evolution from paper-pusher to policy maker'.
Ex: It is widely known that black robes help the Bedouins to keep cool in the scorching heat of the desert.
Ex: They are famous manufacturers of protective uniforms, including aprons, lab coats, scrubs and smocks.
Ex: They are famous manufacturers of protective uniforms, including aprons, lab coats, scrubs and smocks.
Ex: Whereas the traditional dressing gown was made of silk, they're now made of cotton, wool, cashmere, and camel hair.
Ex: Gone are the days of housecoats, which were popular in the 1960s.
* bata blanca = white coat ; white robe.
* bata de baño = bathrobe.
* bata de casa = housedress ; dressing gown ; housecoat.
* bata de laboratorio = lab coat.
* bata de trabajo = smock frock.
(v.) = beat ; churn ; best ; whisk ; trounce ; knock + Posesivo + socks off ; pip ; knock + the socks out of.
Ex: Flexible moulds made of laminated paper called 'flong' were first used in Lyons in 1829 and were blotting and tissue paper pasted together, and the mould was formed by beating damp flong on the face of the type.
Ex: Sarah needed to release the frantic energy that was churning inside her = Sarah necesitaba liberar la energía desesperada que se agitaba en su interior.
Ex: Back in 2001, the tossed salad they prepared fed some 5,000, which then bested the record held by a community in Utah in the United States.
Ex: Whisk ingredients together, pour into oiled waffle iron, and cook on medium heat until steam starts coming out of the sides.
Ex: Defending champions Japan fought back from 1-0 behind to trounce Thailand 4-1 to qualify for the quarter-finals.
Ex: My favorite memory was upending the number one team in the tournament last year -- they were so cocky, and we came out and knocked their socks off.
Ex: Poland became the biggest net beneficiary from the European Union's budget in 2009, pipping Greece and Spain to the top spot.
Ex: We want him to knock the socks out of anyone who's in his way, we want to see the world recognize him.
* batir hasta hacer espuma = work up + a lather.
* batir las alas = flap.
* batir las pestañas = flutter + Posesivo + eyes ; flutter + Posesivo + eyelashes.
* batir mantequilla = churn + butter.
* batirse en duelo = duel.
* batir un récord = set + a record ; break + a record ; shatter + a record.
* cuenco para batir = mixing bowl.
* escobilla de batir = wire whisk.
* que bate todos los récords = record breaking.

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