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ticket, entry pass; banknote, bill; billet-doux, love letter

bill, ticket, note

bank note


(n.) = fare ; ticket.
Ex: But he was wiry and wily, too, and he would often hide in some nook of the station to save the fare.
Ex: Frantic assistants fell over each other's feet trying to retrieve tickets from the rows and rows of issue trays = Los frenéticos auxiliares tropezaban unos con otros intentando coger los tickets de las filas y filas de cajones de préstamo.
* agencia de venta de billetes = ticket agent ; ticket agency.
* billete para otro día = rain cheque [rain check, -USA].
* billete de avión = air ticket ; airline ticket ; airflight ticket.
* billete de avión de ida y vuelta = round-trip airfare.
* billete de ida = one-way fare.
* billete de ida y vuelta = return ticket ; round-trip ticket.
* billete de lotería = lottery ticket.
* billete de tarifa especial = discount ticket.
* billete de tren = train ticket.
* billete de tribuna = grandstand ticket.
* billete en lista de espera = standby seat.
* billete gratis = free ticket.
* precio del billete = fare.
* precio del billete de autobús = bus fare.
* precio del billete de avión = airfare [air fare] ; airline fare ; airflight fare.
* reserva de billetes de avión = airline reservation.
* sistema de billetes = travel scheme.
(n.) = banknote ; currency note ; note.
Ex: Watermarks for special papers used for such things as banknotes and bonds became increasingly elaborate.
Ex: India's central bank, the Reserve Bank of India, says it will withdraw all currency notes printed before 2005 from 31 March.
Ex: The Conference Centre car park has 650 parking places, with another 5000 places nearby and parking fees can be paid with notes or coins.
* billete de banco = banknote.
* billete de cinco = fiver.
* billete de cinco dólares = fiver.
* billete de cinco libras = fiver.
* billete de diez = tenner.
* billete de diez dólares = tenner.
* billete de diez libras = tenner.
* billete falsificado = fake currency note.
* billete falso = fake currency note.
* billetes de banco = paper money.

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