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armored; armor clad; plated


(adj.) = armoured [armored, -USA] ; shielded ; ironclad [iron-clad].
Ex: The use of clear armoured glass walls gives excellent visual supervision in the Rare Book Room and in the Manuscript and Local History Reading Room.
Ex: Coaxial cables have been the principal transmission medium for most local area networks (LANs) but other types of cabling, including shielded and unshielded twisted pair and fibre optic, are gaining acceptance.
Ex: He also highlights some of the naval innovations of the war, including submarines, ironclad vessels, and new types of mines.
* coche blindado = armoured car.
* vehículo blindado = armoured vehicle ; armoured car.
* vehículo blindado para el transporte de tropas = armoured personnel carrier ; personnel carrier.
* sin blindar = unshielded.

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