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blocked, blockaded, barricaded, obstructed
block, blockade; stymie, hinder; tie up; cut off; lock; freeze
shut oneself off from, shield oneself from


(adj.) = stuck ; jammed.
Ex: Learn what to do when there is a power outage and how to respond to alarms that signal stuck elevators or that activate security or sprinkler systems.
Ex: But seriously, a jammed door lock can pose a real security threat for your home.
* bloqueado por el invierno = winterbound.
* bloqueado por la nieve = snowbound.
(v.) = block ; lock ; clog up ; stymie ; come under + siege ; shut down ; jam ; barricade ; tie up ; block in ; block up.
Ex: If loans to this borrower have been blocked, the system displays the screen shown in Figure 88 and sounds the alarm at the terminal.
Ex: Pressing the lock key locks the keyboard in a shifted (uppercase) condition.
Ex: It is wise to fan the paper to separate the sheets and let air in between them, otherwise several sheets might stick together and clog up the printer.
Ex: So, in a lot of cases the ability to take advantage of technologically sophisticated younger faculty is stymied by these conflicting interests.
Ex: The author describes the destruction and dispersal of the contents of the Hanlin library in Beijing during the uprising in 1900, when the Western government diplomatic offices came under siege by the Chinese government.
Ex: Cyberattacks involve routers acting at a predesignated time or trigger time and flooding various targeted Web sites with data -- effectively shutting down the Web site.
Ex: In the wake of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, New York, on 11th September 2001, the main World Wide Web based news Web sites were jammed by users seeking information.
Ex: When he looked through his window he saw two coarse man in reflecting traffic jackets barricade the entrance to the dunes with large rocks.
Ex: Your estate will be tied up in probate if you do not name a beneficiary in your will.
Ex: A man who blocked in a rubbish lorry with his car in a dispute over waste collection was allegedly hit on the head and sworn at by a binman.
Ex: Firstly check that the air filter isn't blocked up, remove it and give it a hit to see if it's blocked up with dust.
* bloquearse = gunge up ; gunk up ; get + blocked up.
* bloquearse las ruedas = lock up + the tyres.
* tecla de Bloquear Desplazamiento = Scroll Lock key.

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