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wedding, marriage

wedding, wedding-party


(n.) = wedding ; wedding party ; wedding ceremony ; marriage ceremony.
Ex: Typical examples of enquiries of this kind that could be satisfied within minutes in any decently stocked library are 'Have you got anything on organising weddings?' 'Can you find me something on the history of paddle-steamers?'.
Ex: Etiquette dictates that the people in the wedding party still give wedding gifts, and bachelorette shower gifts as well.
Ex: During the wedding ceremony he trembled like a leaf, and made the wrong responses to the clergyman.
Ex: According to a letter in Spanish which accompanies the piece, this incense burner was used in Aztec rituals including marriage ceremonies = Según una carta en español que acompaña al quemador de incienso, éste se usaba en ritos aztecas, incluidas las ceremonias matrimoniales.
* álbum de boda = wedding album.
* anillo de boda = wedding ring ; wedding band.
* aniversario de bodas = wedding anniversary.
* banquete de bodas = wedding reception.
* boda civil = civil wedding.
* boda real = royal wedding.
* bodas de bronce = bronze wedding anniversary.
* bodas de diamante = diamond wedding anniversary.
* bodas de oro = golden wedding ; golden wedding anniversary.
* bodas de plata = silver wedding ; silver wedding anniversary.
* bodas de platino = platinum wedding anniversary.
* bodas de zafiro = sapphire wedding anniversary.
* celebración de boda = wedding party.
* de bodas = bridal.
* día de la boda = wedding day.
* invitación de boda = wedding invitation.
* noche de bodas = wedding night.
* para bodas = bridal.
* regalo de boda = wedding gift.
* tarjeta de invitación de boda = wedding invitation card.
* tarta de boda = wedding cake.
* velo de boda = wedding veil.

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