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drunkard, one who is addicted to alcohol
drunken, inebriated, intoxicated, boozy (Slang)
drunkard, drunk, alcoholic, one who is addicted to alcohol, boozer (Slang)

(n.) = drunkard ; wino ; drunk.
Nota: Nombre y adjetivo.
Ex: The writer discusses the designation of Jesus as a 'glutton and a drunkard'.
Ex: These indigents, known to the public as tramps & skid row winos, are very visible & more likely to be arrested for drunkenness & other petty offenses than a person with a permanent home.
Ex: Most innkeepers were crooks, the food was bad, and the inns were frequented by cutthroats and drunks.
* borracho callejero = wino.
* fiesta de borrachos = drunken party.
(adj.) = intoxicated ; drunken ; under the influence ; sauced up ; squiffy ; like three sheets to the wind ; sloshed ; plastered ; inebriated.
Ex: A few days ago, our library director was hit by a car driven by an intoxicated driver and suffered severe injuries.
Ex: Women suffragists reaped an unexpected publicity bonanza when the 1913 national suffrage parade in Washington was broken up by a drunken mob.
Ex: He was being held without bail after his fifth arrest for operating under the influence.
Ex: And because beer and wine are so expensive at the stadium, many of these fans are coming to the games already sauced up from tailgate drinking.
Ex: It'd be horrible to be one of those people who got morose when they were slightly squiffy.
Ex: There definitely are things you should stay away from, unless you're already like three sheets to the wind and you don't give a fuck.
Ex: I was with Megan and she was sloshed but still more coherent than me and she had some hillarious stories the next morning.
Ex: He was plastered but still remained concious enough to tell some good jokes.
Ex: And much to her astonishment, there was yours truly standing behind five inebriated women each holding one of the signs I had made.
* borracho como una cuba = pissed as a newt ; drunk back ; blind drunk ; pissed to the gills ; pissed to the eyeballs ; pissed as a lord ; sloshed to the gills.
* conductor borracho = drink-driver.
* estar borracho = be drunk ; see + double ; be the worse for wear ; be the worse for drink ; have had one too many ; have tippled one too many.
* estar completamente borracho = be drunk and incapable.
* más borracho que una cuba = as drunk as a lord ; as drunk as a skunk ; as drunk as a newt.
* tan borracho como una cuba = as drunk as a newt ; as drunk as a lord ; as drunk as a skunk.

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