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woods, woodland, forest

forest, woods



(n.) = forest ; woodland ; wood.
Ex: This document contains information on such concepts as settlement, urban growth, field patterns, forest clearance and many others.
Ex: A subsequent owner cut down most of the surrounding woodland and the garden was largely lost.
Ex: He creates a world in which his readers feel as though they're lost in the wood, only to discover they're not lost at all, just come to the same place from a different angle.
* bosque de árboles caducifolios = deciduous forest.
* bosque de árboles de hoja caduca = deciduous forest.
* bosque de coníferas = coniferous forest.
* bosque de neblina = cloud forest.
* bosque de niebla = cloud forest.
* bosque de pinos = pine forest.
* bosque encantado = enchanted forest.
* bosque maderable = timberland.
* bosque maderero = timberland.
* bosques = forestry.
* caribú del bosque = woodland caribou.
* conocimiento de cómo sobrevivir en el bosque = woodcraft.
* guardabosques = forest ranger.
* habitante del bosque = forest dweller.
* los árboles no dejan ver el bosque = lose + sight of the forest for the trees.
* los árboles no dejan ver el bosque = cannot see the forest for the trees.
* no ver el bosque por los árboles = miss + the forest for the trees.
* roturación de bosques = land-clearing.
* tala de bosques = land-clearing.

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