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joke, funny tale, jest, humorous remark; prank, practical joke

gag, joke


(n.) = lark ; joke ; hoax ; practical joke ; prank ; caper ; wisecrack ; joking ; teasing.
Ex: He applied for the director's job in Earnscliffe library -- almost as a lark, for he did not think he had a chance of getting it.
Ex: Stories range from one-sentence statements we call jokes and wise sayings, through gossip to the most profound and complicated structures we call novels and poems and plays.
Ex: This article examines several controversial cataloguing problems, including the classification of anti-Semitic works and books proven to be forgeries or hoaxes.
Ex: The author shows that manufactured practical jokes such as the whoopie cushion, squirting flower and fake animal feces are being used, carnivalistically and humorously, as a conscious and unconscious comment on larger social situations.
Ex: The writer discusses the pranks and lies that are practiced on April Fools' Day around the world.
Ex: Who was the mastermind of the Watergate caper & for what purpose has never been revealed.
Ex: A crowd-pleaser at any tournament, Didrikson played to the gallery with wisecracks and displays of athleticism.
Ex: In some instance the joking or teasing is only verbal, in others it includes horseplay; in some it includes elments of obscenity, it others not.
Ex: In some instances the joking or teasing is only verbal, in others it includes horseplay; in some it includes elments of obscenity, it others not.
* aguantar una broma = stand + a joke ; take + a joke.
* blanco de las bromas, el = butt of jokes, the.
* broma frecuente = running joke.
* broma pesada = practical joke.
* bromas = bantering ; ribbing.
* broma telefónica = hoax (phone) call ; prank (phone) call ; crank (phone) call.
* caer en una broma = fall for + it.
* creerse una broma = fall for + a joke ; fall for + it.
* de broma = humorously ; teasingly ; kiddingly ; jokingly ; facetious ; laughingly ; mockingly.
* en broma = teasingly ; kiddingly ; jokingly ; laughingly ; mockingly.
* estar de broma = be joking.
* gastar bromas = prank ; banter.
* gastar gromas = play + pranks.
* hacer broma de = make + fun of.
* hacer bromas = banter.
* llamada telefónica en broma = crank (phone) call ; prank (phone) call.
* ¿lo dices en broma? = you must be joking! ; you must be kidding!.
* medio de broma = half laughingly.
* medio en broma = tongue-in-cheek ; half laughingly.
* no ser broma = be no joke.
* tomarse a broma = laugh off ; make + fun of.
(n.) = bantering ; ribbing.
Ex: Feaver mentioned that she and Claverhouse frequently engage in some real 'donnybrooks,' as she put it, which invariably include a lot of amicable bantering, whenever they discuss anything. Ex: They'd all call him blockhead, the ribbing was endless.

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