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size; volume, bulk; shape, form; package, bundle; piece of luggage; swelling; lump; bulge


(n.) = lump ; bulge ; hump ; bump ; goose egg.
Ex: But the leaven of the principles, promulgated by the International Federation, has not yet penetrated into more than half the lump of documentary material.
Ex: Under these circumstances it becomes difficult to maintain a classified sequence in good order, and there will be gaps and 'bulges' which will involve moving the overall sequence around on the shelves.
Ex: Indeed it is normally possible to see with a raking light which was the mould side of the sheet, for it shows a pattern of both chain and wire indentations, while the other side (the felt side) is more or less flat, or shows wire humps only.
Ex: Leishmaniasis includes disorders that affect internal organs and those that affect the skin and sometimes mucous membranes of the nose and mouth, causing bumps or sores.
Ex: He bonked his head on the tub right at bedtime and immediately got a goose egg.
* bulto de grasa = fat lump.
* con bultos = lumpiness.
* cubierto de bultos = knobby ; knobbly .
* escabullir el bulto = shirk + responsibility ; pass + the buck ; cop out (of) ; talk + Reflexivo + out of ; talk + Posesivo + way out of.
* escurrir el bulto = pass + the buck ; weasel (on/out of) ; duck out ; cop out (of) ; talk + Reflexivo + out of ; talk + Posesivo + way out of.
* hacer bulto = bulge.
* lleno de bultos = knobby ; knobbly .

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