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deceive, cheat, mislead; circumvent, outmaneuver


(v.) = mock ; hoodwink ; outwit ; bilk ; outfox ; outsmart.
Nota: Literalmente significa "ser más listo que".
Ex: They laughed and screeched and mocked as long as I went on swearing.
Ex: In turn, a consequential effect is that reference librarians and scholars might end up getting hoodkwinked.
Ex: Two dangerous trysts are spied upon by a third and hostile party, whose presence is detected by the lovers who act in consort to outwit him.
Ex: With inflated prices, the nagging question was whether consumers were being bilked by the market.
Ex: It also led to a continuing guerilla war between the authorities and caricaturists who sought to evade, outfox, or entirely defy them.
Ex: Smart and speedy start-ups blindside mature companies with their inventiveness then grow up into mature companies and are outsmarted in their turn.
* burlar al sistema = play + the system ; abuse + the system.
* burlar el sistema = beat + the system ; game + the system ; work + the system.
* burlarse de = rag ; rib ; laugh at ; lampoon.

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