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mailbox; postbox

post, pillar box, letter box, mailbox, mail box mailbox, letterbox, postbox

mailbox mailbox

(n.) = letter-box ; cubbyhole ; maildrop.
Ex: The difference between the two systems can be illustrated by analogy with a set of letter-boxes located in the entrance to an apartment block, with one box for each resident.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Kiosk or cubbyhole - the future of the information center'.
Ex: Choosing a maildrop service is an important decision and we will handle your affairs with the discretion and care you deserve.
* buzón de correos = mailbox ; maildrop ; post box.
* buzón de correos de la calle = pillar box.
* buzón de la calle = pillar box.
* buzón de sugerencias = suggestion box.
* buzón de voz = voice mail.
* buzón electrónico = electronic maildrop.
* buzón para devolver libros = book-drop.
* buzón para la devolución de préstamos = book chute ; book return box.

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