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ride; bestride


(v.) = ride ; ride + a horse.
Ex: I suppose my biggest piece of advice for riding at night would be to practice a little before you actually go off-road.
Ex: Animals can be magical in children's play -- whether it be milking a cow, riding a horse or simply keeping caterpillars in a cage until they emerge as butterflies = Los animales pueden ser fantásticos en los juegos infantiles -- ya sea ordeñando una vaca, montando a caballo o simplemente guardando gusanos en una caja hasta que se conviertan en mariposas.
* cabalgar a medio galope = canter.
* cabalgar sobre las olas = ride + the waves ; ride + the wave(s).
* desaparecer en el horizonte cabalgando al atardecer = ride off into + the sunset.

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