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genteel, polite, well-mannered; gentlemanly
rider; gentleman; cavalier; knight, chevalier

cavalier, knight


(n.) = gentleman [gentlemen, -pl.] ; gallant ; knight ; gent.
Ex: These were gentlemen whose forebears had upset Elizabeth I by encouraging the people to think a little too much for themselves and who proved very difficult to control.
Ex: Information scientists may, therefore, be divided into bibliometricians, retrievalists, and a growing number of gallants who are both.
Ex: Selected volumes documenting the earliest history of the Knights were examined from a conservation and analytical point of view.
Ex: For the ladies there are two toilets and two hand basins; for the gents, one toilet, two urinals and one hand basin.
* aseo de caballeros = men's room.
* baño de caballeros = men's room.
* caballero andante = knight errant.
* caballero blanco = white knight ; knight in shining armour.
* Caballero de la Triste Figura, el = Knight of the Doleful Countenance, the.
* caballero medieval = mediaeval knight [medieval knight, -USA].
* como todo un caballero = sportingly.
* comportarse como todo un caballero = take + the high road ; take + the high ground.
* impropio de un caballero = ungentlemanlike.
* lavabo de caballeros = men's room.
* peluquería de caballeros = barber's shop ; barbershop.
* poderoso caballero es Don Dinero = money makes the world go (a)round ; money is powerful ; money is power ; money talks and bullshit walks.
* poderoso caballero es Don Dionero = money talks (for itself).
* propio de un caballero = gentlemanlike.
* servicio de caballeros = men's room.

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