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henpecked; traitorous, disloyal
cuckold, husband whose wife is unfaithful; henpecked husband; pimp; traitor; (Derogatory Slang) bastard; fag, homosexual (derogatory); he goat


(n.) = rotter ; dickhead ; scumbag ; bitchy ; badass ; swine ; pig ; bastard ; bugger ; fucker ; motherfucker ; catty ; arsehole [asshole, -USA] ; sod.
Ex: When she had finished Beck said reassuringly: 'Don't let old Tilly bother you - She can be a rotter at times - She's a Jekyl and Hyde, if ever there was one - One minute she's fine; another, she's a monster'.
Ex: Whoever said Moby is the leader of dickheads that beat people up? He is just a bald-headed hippie who wouldn't hurt a fly.
Ex: He then made the comment that our soldiers are fighting 'detestable murderers and scumbags'.
Ex: She worked at a local clothing company for a while and found the other staff and managers to all be very cliquey, bitchy and rather shallow.
Ex: In the hardscrabble times of the Bible, where there were plagues, invasions from foreign powers, and swarms of locusts, you pretty much had to be a badass.
Ex: In German law it is a criminal offense for A to insult B, for example, by calling him a swine.
Ex: He was waiting for the opportunity to unleash his fury, no one calls him a pig and gets away with it.
Ex: I once thought I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, but it was just the light from a torch of some bastard bringing me more work.
Ex: I will wait until the water recedes a little bit before I try and nail lots of these buggers.
Ex: Why are little kids such fuckers? -- my brother seriously needs to learn to grow up.
Ex: Such motherfuckers like you should stay away from my country.
Ex: She is still your closest friend, so do your very best not to be catty and continue enjoying a marvelous friendship.
Ex: Modern preppies try to be assholes, probably because they think it's cool, and never quite make it.
Ex: I can't think of anything that better illustrates the failure of our justice system to deal with such yellow-bellied sods.
* ser un cabrón con = be rotten to ; be shitty to.

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