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peanut, groundnut, type of nut which grows underground


groundnut, peanut

(n.) = peanut ; groundnut ; monkey nut.
Nota: Expresión británica usada para referirse al maní en su vaina.
Ex: The article 'Peanuts: a note on intercultural communication' outlines the role played by intercultural communication skills and aptitude in the work of public librarians dealing with users from different cultural backgrounds.
Ex: Samples of almond, groundnut, hazelnut, macademia, safflower, wheatgerm and virgin olive oil obtained from retail outlets in England and Wales were analysed.
Ex: Monkey nuts are the best squirrel food if you want to enjoy these creatures playing and feeding in the garden.
* aceite de cacahuete = peanut oil.
* cacahuete tostado = parched peanut.
* manteca de cacahuete = peanut butter.

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