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slap in the face


(n.) = pat ; slap on the wrist ; spanking ; cuff ; whack.
Ex: Straighten out the problem, give him a few parental murmurs of comfort, a pat or two, then leave again.
Ex: It is hard to believe that the public will see a reprimand in this case as anything more than a slap on the wrist.
Ex: A spanking is designed as much to humiliate as to hurt enough to deter.
Ex: He caught a kid shoplifting in his store, gave him a good cuff on the side of his head and kicked him out the door.
Ex: Suddenly there was a loud 'whack-whack-whack' and I looked back to see the guide slapping the water with his fishing pole.
* cachete detrás de la oreja = clip (behind/on/round) the ear.
* dar un cachete = spank ; cuff ; slap ; slap in the face ; whoop + Posesivo + ass.
* dar un cachete a Alguien = slap + Nombre + on the wrist.
* dar un cachete detrás de la oreja = clip + Nombre + (behind/on/round) the ear.
* dar un cachete detrás de la oreja = give + Nombre + a clip (behind/on/round) the ear.
(n.) = slap.
Ex: And actually a good slap is said to be statistically more likely to result in a child with agression and conduct problems, you may be interested to hear.

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