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(Vulgar Slang) shit, crap; fuck up (Vulgar Slang); dirty, soil

(v.) = take + a dump ; shit ; do + a poo(h) ; have + a poo(h) ; take + a poo(h) ; poo(h) ; poop ; take + a shit ; have + a poop ; take + a poop ; take + a crap ; drop + the kids off at the pool ; have + a shit ; do + a poop.
Ex: Security cameras in a shopping mall have recorded the video footage of a man taking a dump in a plant pot during daytime.
Ex: The film is scary enough to keep you on your toes but not scary enough to make you shit your pants.
Ex: I have actually asked Jan why men take longer than women to do a poo.
Ex: Maria always takes the most horrific pics of me -- so I got my own back by taking a video of her having a poo in a public toilet!.
Ex: I recently have noticed that when my cat Miko takes a poo that there is quite a bit of blood in it.
Ex: Cats hate citrus fruits so by spreading any orange, lemon, lime, etc. peel around the garden they will stop pooing on your lawn.
Ex: The presence of somebody else in the bathroom makes it difficult to relax while on the crapper, so you should always wait to poop when the bathroom is empty.
Ex: No one likes taking a shit in the presence of others.
Ex: Having a poop while reading the paper is one of life's simple pleasures.
Ex: For a long time I couldn't take a poop without getting completely naked, even my socks off.
Ex: If you take a crap and blood comes out of your butt what does that mean?.
Ex: The relationship hasn't progressed to the stage where I can comfortably drop the kids off at the pool with the door open.
Ex: Brushing your teeth before having breakfast is like wiping your ass before having a shit.
Ex: I have been massaging her anal area with cotton wool and warm water, but it has been 5 days now and she has not done a poop.
* cagarse = shit.
* cagarse de miedo = shit + bricks ; shit.
* cagarse por la pata abajo = shit + bricks.

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