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heating, heat



(n.) = heating ; heating equipment.
Ex: A flexible library building is one which permits flexibility in the layout of its planning arrangements, with structure, heating, ventilation and lighting arranged to facilitate adaptability.
Ex: The library office is in the basement, 'downstairs' as it is euphemistically referred to, along with a staff lounge, the washrooms, heating equipment, and electrical and janitor's closets.
* calefacción central = central heating.
* calefacción por suelo radiante = radiant-floor heating ; underfloor heating.
* calefacción radiante = radiant heat.
* con calefacción = heated.
* con calefacción central = centrally heated.
* equipos de calefacción = heating equipment.
* factura de la calefacción = heating bill.
* gastos de calefacción = heating costs.
* recibo de la calefacción = heating bill.
* rejilla de la calefacción = heating vent.
* sistema de calefacción = heating system.

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