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calumny, slander, libel; defamation, slur
calumniate, libel, slander; bad-mouth

calumny, slander

(n.) = libel ; smear ; slander ; slur ; vilification ; mudslinging.
Ex: In 1900, a 'Public Libraries Bill' was passed containing a provision exempting library managers and authorities from legal proceedings for libel.
Ex: The article 'Cyber smears' reports on the difficulty of protecting individuals from the spreading of false and anonymous statements = El artículo "Calumnias cibernéticas" informa sobre la dificultad de proteger a los individuos de la difusión de comentarios falsos y anónimos en la red.
Ex: Both libel and slander are forms of defamation: libel is defamation in writing, while slander is spoken.
Ex: I can also remember a time when slurs were uttered about Jewish people and if you didn't laugh you were considered a wet blanket.
Ex: In my opinion, this initiative has developed de facto into a pitiless personal campaign of vilification against him.
Ex: Mudslinging has become as much a part of the American political landscape as shaking hands and kissing babies.
(v.) = vilify ; slander ; smear ; malign ; revile ; defame.
Ex: Robert Kent's sole agenda is to attack Cuba and vilify the Cuban library community while supporting the US government's interventionist destabilization policies.
Ex: Just because the facts don't support his views, he threatens, slanders, lies, obfuscates and charges 'lies, hypocrisy and cruelty'.
Ex: As a result of this policy hundreds of priests have been been suspended from ministry and have had their names publicly smeared without proof or even credible evidence.
Ex: To accomplish this higher purpose, Panizzi argued, required a deliberately designed 'system,' and his much maligned rules, whatever their individual merits or demerits, were intended to embody that system.
Ex: The pot calls the kettle black may be used when one scoundrel reviles another -- they are tarred with the same brush.
Ex: A former Thai magazine editor has been sentenced to 11 years in jail for defaming the country's king.

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