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roadway; road; pavement
shod, wearing shoes; equipped with shoes




(n.) = pavement ; causeway ; roadway ; road surface.
Ex: Tomás Hernández drove cautiously in the torrential rain, trying not to swerve on the slick pavement of the turnpike.
Ex: A causeway which must have existed by ca.1200 was revealed on the approaches to the bridge.
Ex: As Klaus's acute observations are unhampered by romantic ideals, his eye catches the plastic trash by the roadway as well as the colors of moss on the landing strip.
Ex: Hot bitumen is sprayed on the prepared road surface and immediately covered with clean stone chips which are rolled in to ensure adhesion.
* carretera de doble calzada = dual carriageway.
* hielo invisible sobre la calzada = black ice.
* reflectantes de la calzada = cat's eyes.
(v.) = chock.
Ex: When unhitching a wagon, a farmer forgot to chock the wagon wheels, and was caught between a wall and the wagon when the wagon rolled forward.
* el mismo que viste y calza = the very same.

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