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hall; chamber; vault; lieu; tire; cameraman

chamber, small room camera

screw screw

camera , chamber

camera camera

(n.) = vault ; chamber ; house ; room.
Ex: Film and videotape are stored on the premises in vaults situated at the back of the library and are air conditioned to ensure a constant temperature.
Ex: In the central chamber about 100 sheets (130 litres) of A4 paper can be treated so as to imitate and accelerate their exposure to highly polluted air.
Ex: The first committee involving both houses of Congress in the new capital of Washington, D.C., was the Joint Committee on the Library of Congress, founded in 1802.
Ex: The open-plan flexible library can be enonomical since overseeing is facilitated by the openness rather than be dividing the building into rooms or halls, thereby requiring less staff.
* ayuda de cámara = valet.
* cámara al vacío = vacuum chamber.
* cámara de combustión = combustion chamber ; combustor.
* cámara de comercio = chamber of commerce.
* Cámara de Delegados = House of Delegates.
* cámara de gas = gas chamber.
* cámara de la muerte = execution chamber ; death chamber.
* Cámara de los Comunes, la = House of Commons, the.
* Cámara de los Lores, la = House of Lords, the.
* Cámara de Representantes = House of Representatives.
* cámara de seguridad = storage vault.
* cámara de tortura = torture chamber.
* cámara de vapor = steam chamber.
* cámara frigorífica = cold vault ; cool vault.
* cámara humidificadora = humidity chamber ; humidifying chamber.
* música de cámara = chamber music.
* orquesta de cámara = chamber orchestra.
* pared con cámara de aire = cavity wall.
* Presidente de la Cámara, el = Speaker of the House, the.
(n.) = camera ; cam.
Ex: The true meaning of the cliche 'A picture is worth more than ten thousand words,' is never more evident than when students first see themselves on camera after simulating reference interviews in the classroom.
Ex: They were seen posing on cam showing their boobies and wearing gee-strings.
* acaparar la cámara = hog + the camera.
* cámara de rodar películas = movie camera.
* cámara desechable = disposable camera.
* cámara de seguridad = security camera ; surveillance camera.
* cámara de televisión = television camera.
* cámara de usar y tirar = disposable camera.
* cámara digital = digital camera.
* cámara fotográfica = photographic camera.
* cámara lenta = slow motion ; stop motion.
* cámara oculta = hidden camera.
* chupar cámara = hog + the camera.
* equipo de cámara = camera crew.
* móvil con cámara = cameraphone.
(n.) = cinematographer ; cameraman ; camera operator.
Ex: Film, a new medium of communication 100 years ago, developed into an art form for directors, cinematographers, and a new breed of actors.
Ex: The bride and groom had doubts about about their choice of wedding cameraman when he turned up looking scruffy and dishevelled.
Ex: Wider use of digital cameras has enhanced the number of angles and the clarity that a camera operator can provide.
(n.) = inner tube.
Nota: De un neumático.
Ex: This article explains how to patch an inner tube from a bicycle tire.
* rueda sin cámara = tubeless tyre.
* sin cámara = tubeless.

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