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walk, tread; go; travel; trot; trail; toil

he/she walks

(v.) = walk ; walking ; take + a walk ; trek ; have + a walk ; beat + the trail ; traipse.
Ex: The user is presented with much walking around shelves if he wishes to gather all documents on a given subject.
Ex: Some physiotherapists argue that baby walkers delay independent walking, and encourage abnormal gait and posture, and urge toy libraries to exclude them from their provision.
Ex: Visitors are invited to take a nostalgic walk through the city's past and experience its economic and architectural history.
Ex: It makes sound sense to house all materials on the same subject together so that the information seeker needs to go to one place only rather than trek to half a dozen different areas to discover the books, pamphlets, periodicals, portfolios, cassettes and slides on his chosen subject.
Ex: The very best way to begin exercising is by just having a walk.
Ex: There was no train and to get there we had to beat the trail for two days, and it was not all a Sunday promenade.
Ex: No doubt there would be early morning cafés in the small holiday resort; but not so, as we found out later after traipsing the streets.
* arrastrar los pies al caminar = shamble.
* botas para caminar = walking boots.
* caminando relajado = at a strolling pace.
* caminar arrastrando los pies = shamble.
* caminar con dificultad = plod (along/through) ; stodge along/through.
* caminar con los hombros caídos = slouch.
* caminar con paso pesado = plod (along/through) ; stodge along/through.
* caminar con pesadez = trudge.
* caminar con resolución = march.
* caminar derecho = walk + upright.
* caminar dormido = sleep-walking ; sleep walk.
* caminar en círculos = walk in + circles.
* caminar encorvado = slouch.
* caminar erguido = walk + upright.
* caminar majestuosamente = stalk.
* caminar por la carretera = walk all over + the road.
* caminar por la cuerda floja = walk + a tightrope ; walk + the tightrope ; walk + the tight wire.
* caminar por la nieve con raquetas = go + snowshoeing ; snowshoeing ; snowshoe.
* caminar sigilosamente = pad.
* caminar sobre el agua = walk on + water.
* caminar suavemente = pad.
* caminar tanto por la acera como por la carretera = walk all over + the road.
* ir a caminar = go for + a walk.
* ir caminando = foot it.
* ir en el coche de San Fernando un ratito a pie y otro caminando = foot it.
* salir a caminar = go for + a walk.
* seguir caminando = continue on + Posesivo + way.
* sendero para caminar = walking trail ; walking trail.
* utensilio para ayudar a caminar = walking aid.

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