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truck; van; (Mexico) bus, large motor vehicle which can carry several passengers

lorry, truck


(n.) = motor truck ; truck ; rig ; lorry.
Nota: En inglés americano se utiliza truck.
Ex: The replacement of the horse and cart by the motor truck has improved the transport system.
Ex: The freeway signs in the country don't say motor trucks, they say trucks.
Ex: Women who drive tractor-trailer rigs face many of the same problems encountered by women pursuing other nontraditional occupations.
Ex: This software is designed to enable technicians to monitor a wide range of vehicle performance through a data port on a car or lorry.
* camión articulado = juggernaut ; articulated lorry ; articulated truck.
* camión bomba = truck bomb.
* camión con remolque = tractor-trailer.
* camión de bomberos = fire truck ; fire engine.
* camión de la basura = garbage truck ; rubbish truck ; rubbish lorry ; dustcart [dust cart].
* camión de la grúa = breakdown lorry ; breakdown truck ; recovery truck ; wrecker.
* camión de mudanzas = moving van.
* camión grúa = breakdown lorry ; breakdown truck ; recovery truck ; wrecker.
* camión portacontenedores = container lorry ; container truck.
* camión que esparce sal en las carreteras = gritter.
* camión-tanque = road tanker.
* garaje de camiones = truck depot.
* llevar en camión = truck.
* transportar en camión = truck.
* un camión de = a truckload of.

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