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canal, sluice; duct, conduit; track, channel; gutter; groove, furrow; ravine; cleavage; station
channel, canal


(n.) = canal ; chute ; conduit ; channel.
Ex: A ferryman in a traditional costume will pole the skiff through a seemingly endless labyrinth of brooks, rivers and canals which earned the land the name of Venice of the North.
Ex: Concrete chutes and weirs are used for principal spillways and emergency spillways.
Ex: The architect's brief specifies that conduit (of sewer pipe size if possible) should be provided for electrical wiring with outlets placed in the ceiling every metre.
Ex: The water, that trickles from it in a rivulet, leaves a white incrustation along its channel, in appearance exactly like soap suds.
* canal de distribución = distribution channel.
* canal de navegación = shipping canal.
* Canal de Suez, el = Suez Canal, the.
* canal digestivo, el = alimentary canal, the ; alimentary tract, the.
* canales de publicación = publishing channels.
* canales y ríos navegables = inland waterways ; waterways.
* canal intestinal, el = intestinal tract, the.
* crear canales para = establish + channels for.
* establecer canales para = establish + channels for.
* ingeniería de canales = canal engineering.
(n.) = channel.
Ex: The normal inter-library loan channels of the telephone and the postal service must still be interposed between the identification of the existence and the location of a document, and the receipt of the same document.
* canal de comunicación = line of communication ; communication channel ; communication pathway.
* canal de sonido = sound channel.
* canal de televisión = television station ; television channel.
* canal vía satélite = satellite channel.
* súper canal de comunicaciones = superhighway.

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