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song; lyric; ballad; chanson; hymn; dirge

singing song


(n.) = song ; refrain.
Ex: Songs, poems, fingergames and picture books are shared with parents and their young children, from infancy to age 3.
Ex: The importance of the right to information or the right to know is an increasingly constant refrain in the mouths of academics, the media and governments.
* actuación de canción y baile = a song and dance routine.
* autor de canciones = songwriter [song writer].
* canción cantada a coro = singalong.
* canción cantada en tono cantarín = sing song.
* canción de amor = torch song.
* canción de cuna = lullaby ; nursery rhyme.
* canción de protesta = protest song.
* canción de taberna = drinking song.
* canción folclórica = folk song.
* canción infantil = nursery rhyme.
* canción para brindar = drinking song.
* canción pegadiza = catchy song.
* canción popular = popular song.
* canción protesta = protest song.
* canción romántica = romantic song.
* canción versionada = cover version.
* componer canciones = songwriting [song-writing].
* composición de canciones = songwriting [song-writing].
* compositor de canciones = songwriter [song writer].
* escritor de canciones = songwriter [song writer].
* letra de canción = song lyrics.
* versión de canción = song cover ; cover version.

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