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hoary, grey-haired



(adj.) = graying [greying, -UK] ; hoary ; grizzled ; white-haired ; gray-haired ; grey-haired.
Nota: Escrito gray-haired en inglés americano.
Ex: There was a small bald spot on the crown of his head, and his chin was covered with a short graying beard.
Ex: I know this is a rather hoary topic, but I am going to mention it again.
Ex: Ultimately, this film is just a land-bound rerun of Jaws, down to the sacrifice of the grizzled, expert hunter so the younger, more clean-cut, family man can face his own fears and prove his prowess.
Ex: The author analyzes the scriptural symbolism in an illustrated initial depicting the Crucifixion, focusing on the significance of a white-haired and bearded Christ.
Ex: The gray-haired bishop spoke haltingly at first, choosing his words with care.
Ex: Not that they were all grey-haired; some had brown, some had blond -- some had very little hair at all.

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