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ground bass
prick song

singing, act of making musical sounds with the voice; song; hymn; canto; edge, rim; back; pebble, small stone
sing; chant; sound; perform; squeal, tattle


song he/she sang

(v.) = chant ; sing.
Nota: Verbo irregular: pasado sang, participio sung.
Ex: Finally, add the mass confusion wrought by the sudden appearance of a new technology in the library, with its practitioners chanting acronymic prayers, seemingly derived from a mushroom ritual.
Ex: It is hoped that by the year 2000 there will not be a chorus of unemployed librarians singing 'Where have all the libraries gone?'.
* canción cantada a coro = singalong.
* cantar a grito pelado = belt out.
* cantar a pleno pulmón = belt out.
* cantar las alabanzas = sing + Posesivo + praises.
* cantarlas claras = call + a spade a spade.
* cantar melodiosamente = croon.
* cantar sin desentonar = sing in + tune.
* cantar victoria = claim + victory ; speak too soon ; celebrate + victory.
* cantar victoria antes de tiempo = speak too soon.
* cantar y bailar = do + a song and dance routine.
* coser y cantar = plain sailing ; walkover.
* en menos que canta un gallo = in two shakes (of a donkey's tail) ; in two shakes (of a duck's tail) ; in two shakes (of a lamb's tail) ; in two licks.
* hartarse de cantar = sing + Posesivo + heart out.
* levantarse al cantar el gallo = rise with + the lark ; get up with + the lark ; get up at + the crack of dawn.
* no cantes victoria antes de tiempo = don't count your chickens before they are hatched.
* no ser todo coser y cantar = not be all beer and skittles.
* ser coser y cantar = be a breeze ; be a cinch ; be a piece of cake ; be a doddle ; be a snap ; be a picnic ; be duck soup ; be a walk in the park.
* tan fácil como coser y cantar = as simple as ABC ; as easy as ABC.
(n.) = singing ; chant.
Ex: They ask for humorous plays, for plays with certain historical settings or for plays which incorporate music and singing in some form.
Ex: An antiphonal chant was performed in alternation, with one half of the choir answering the other half.
* canto del gallo = cockcrow.
* canto de los pájaros = bird-song.
* canto de los pájaros al amanecer = morning chorus ; dawn chorus.
* canto fúnebre = dirge.
* canto gregoriano = Gregorian chant.
* con el canto del gallo = at cockcrow.
(n.) = edge.
Ex: As used in an index each card acts as a surrogate for one document, and the index terms for that document are encoded around the edge of the card.
* canto delantero = fore-edge [fore edge].
* canto externo = fore-edge [fore edge] ; outside edge.
* canto interno = inside edge.
* darse con un canto en los dientes = count + Reflexivo + lucky ; think + Reflexivo + lucky ; consider + Reflexivo + lucky.
* de canto = edgeways ; edgewise.
* faltar el canto de un duro para = by the skin of + Posesivo + teeth ; come + very close to ; be inches from.

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