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cape, cloak; pretence, false appearance; layer, bed; pall; film; coat; blanket
castrate; geld
boss, leader, person in control; bigwig, important person; expert, specialist; best there is


layer , cloak , cape

it castrates


(n.) = coat ; coating ; layer ; film ; veneer.
Ex: We will not accomplish that by being timid or by giving our profession a fresh coat of paint.
Ex: A thesaurus might advise the searcher that the following alternative terms might prove fruitful: coating and other more specific terms, e.g. Printing works.
Ex: While the layer of pulp was on this wire, the water drained away and the wire was given a sideways shake.
Ex: The water of the stuff poured into the middle of the cylinder through its wire-mesh cover, and was immediately pumped out from one end leaving a film of fibres on the surface.
Ex: Sexism is typically rationalized by & masked beneath an intellectual veneer.
* aplicar una capa base = prime.
* aplicar una capa de imprimación = prime.
* capa atmosférica = atmospheric layer.
* capa corta = caplet.
* capa de = carpet of.
* capa de espuma sucia = scum.
* capa de hielo = ice sheet ; sheet of ice.
* capa de la atmósfera = atmospheric layer.
* capa de mielina = myelin sheath.
* capa de ozono = ozone layer.
* capa de pintura = coat of paint.
* capa social más distinguida, la = crust, the.
* capa unimolecular = monolayer.
* capa vegetal = topsoil.
* cubierto de una capa espumosa = scummy .
* defender a capa y espada = fight + tooth and nail to defend.
* multicapa = multiwall.
* por capas = multilayered [multi-layered/multi layered] ; multilayer ; layered ; tiered.
* una capa fina de = a skim of.
(n.) = canopy ; cape.
Ex: 'Well, it's just that,' he said under a crawling canopy of smoke, trying to arrange himself easily on the hard chair.
Ex: In real life, when I meet people wearing capes, they invariably trip on them.
* de capa caída = at a low ebb ; in (the) doldrums.
* de capa y espada = cloak-and-dagger ; swashbuckling.
* en forma de capa = cape-like.
* estar de capa caída = be in the doldrums.
* héroe de capa y espada = swashbuckler.
* parecido a una capa = cape-like.
(v.) = castrate ; neuter ; sterilise [sterilize, -USA] ; wether ; emasculate ; geld.
Ex: Seven control and seven treated animals were castrated 56 days after the start of the experiment and the testes were examined histologically.
Ex: There are those, not usually librarians, who believe the library is so neutral as to be neutered, whereas others see it as not neutral enough.
Ex: Rwanda denies plan to forcibly sterilise people with learning difficulties.
Ex: Breeders with limited amounts of pasturage may find it necessary to wether the male kids in order prevent them from breeding the female goats.
Ex: So anything that curtails a man's freedom emasculates him.
Ex: John mules must be gelded or they will act and breed like a stallion.

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