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whim, caprice, fancy; fad, trend, passing style

waywardness, obstinacy


(n.) = caprice ; vagary ; whim ; vacillation ; whimsy ; treat ; whimsicality ; capriciousness.
Ex: Data bases required by libraries, whether controlled or created according to standards based on caprice, are expensive to create and maintain.
Ex: Clearly, a multi-lingual thesaurus has to control the vagaries of not just one natural language, but several.
Ex: If terms are drawn from a controlled vocabulary, the selection of index headings no longer depends entirely upon the whim of the author in framing a title.
Ex: She was born in the outback of Australia where all people were powerless in the face of the vacillations of nature.
Ex: Science is not necessarily a subject but a means of controlling the waywardness and whimsy to which the mind is susceptible.
Ex: In the summer months one of the greatest treats of all is home-made mayonnaise; a thick mass of unctuous golden ointment, perfect for dipping slices of raw vegetables.
Ex: The whimsicality of the mind ensure human relationships and sentiments are a minefield of confusion and disorientation.
Ex: Caught between the violence of human will and the capriciousness of fate these characters refuse to become what nature intended them to be.
* capricho pasajero = passing fancy ; passing whim.
* consentir caprichos = pamper.
* consentir los caprichos de Alguien = pander to.
* dar caprichos = pamper.
* darse capricho = give + Reflexivo + a treat.
* darse el capricho de = indulge in.
* darse un capricho = spoil + Reflexivo.
* dinero para caprichos = pin money.
* permitirse un capricho = give + Reflexivo + a treat ; spoil + Reflexivo.
* por capricho = by whim.

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