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capricious, whimsical, fanciful; faddish

(adj.) = capricious ; whimsical ; wayward ; fickle ; wanton ; faddish ; flighty ; faddy ; inconstant.
Ex: Panizzi introduced what seemed to his critics unwarranted and capricious complications calculated to make the catalog much more difficult for the librarian to prepare and the reader to use.
Ex: This slightly off-balance, whimsical remark was a Marsha James' trademark.
Ex: The article 'The wayward scholar: resources and research in popular culture' defends popular culture as a legitimate and important library resource.
Ex: The rise and dramatic fall of E-businesses is a testimony of the fickle electronic commerce (E-commerce) market.
Ex: The book focuses on images where hideous atrocities -- e.g., murder, blasphemy, wanton destruction and even cannibalism -- are shown to be part of the daily life of the common people of Paris during the revolution.
Ex: Whilst, presumably, a set of standards for the conduct of reference work, the document is in fact a hodgepodge shaped by faddish misconceptions.
Ex: 'Anyway, to make a long story short, Huish said he knows Lisa has been a little flighty at times'.
Ex: These emotions will have a knock-on effect on the child and may, in the case of the faddy eater, cause the situation to deteriorate.
Ex: His inconstant and bizarre behavior in a crisis makes me more convinced than ever that he's not mentally fit to hold the office.
* de forma caprichosa = capriciously.
* de modo caprichoso = capriciously.

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