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characteristic, trait, feature; peculiarity; property
characteristic, distinctive; proper



(n.) = profile ; face ; make-up [makeup].
Ex: The user then receives, on a regular basis, notifications of new documents or information which fall within the topic specified in his profile. Ex: Had this venture succeeded, the complete face of bibliographical control today would have been different. Ex: Account also had to be taken of the disparate make-up and wide age-spread of a reader community which consists of Commission officials and trainees plus diverse visitors from outside. (n.) = attribute ; character ; characteristic ; feature ; peculiarity ; trait ; contour ; distinctive feature ; character trait ; trait of character.
Ex: A characteristic of subdivision is an attribute or property which all concepts in a given facet have in common, and by which isolates can be grouped.
Ex: Close attention to the role of the computer specialist reveals more of the character of reference activities.
Ex: Of the two characteristics of indexing, exhaustivity affect two important measures of the efficiency of an information retrieval system.
Ex: The features which contribute to UDC's suitability for detailed indexing are particularly valued in special libraries.
Ex: For, as Panizzi saw it, 'A reader may know the work he requires; he cannot be expected to know all the peculiarities of different editions; and this information he has a right to expect from the catalogues'.
Ex: The reasonable reader readily sees that most of these traits should be acquired and fostered early in life.
Ex: As a result, requesters have turned to the courts to define the contours of public access in the computer age.
Ex: The distinctive feature of the library is the dome-shaped ceiling with cross beams in stained pine.
Ex: Personality theory based on genetics is used to trace inherited character traits in European royalty.
Ex: Our job is to find out what traits of character we need to become virtuous.
* asumir una característica + Adjetivo = take on + Adjetivo + character.
* característica común = common denominator.
* característica de división = characteristic of division.
* característica de la división = characteristic of division.
* característica de la subdivisión = characteristic of subdivision.
* característica del surco = groove characteristic.
* característica distintiva = stock-in-trade ; distinctive feature.
* característica física = physical characteristic.
* característica personal = personality trait ; personality characteristic.
* característica propia = trademark.
* características = profile ; face ; make-up [makeup].
* características comunes = commonness.
* características culturales = cultural background.
* características económicas = economic background.
* características geográficas = geographical background.
* características políticas = political background.
* características religiosas = religious background.
* características técnicas = technical specification ; technical features ; technical data.
* característica técnica = spec.
* con las características similares a las de texto = text-like.
* describir las características de = characterise [characterize, -USA].
* establecer características = lay down + features.
* tener características en común = share + similarities.
* URC (Características Uniformes de Recursos) = URC (Uniform Resource Characteristics).
(adj.) = characterising [characterizing, -USA] ; essential ; characteristic ; distinguishing ; signature.
Ex: In essence the characterising quality of these programmes relates to a body of experience and research in the area of information storage and retrieval.
Ex: The preceding chapter has introduced the essential characteristics of bibliographic descriptions.
Ex: The characteristic features of the Waring distribution render it particularly suitable as a model for the frequency distribution of scientific productivity.
Ex: The article 'Till the end of time' predicts that automated record processing will be the major distinguishing feature of libraries at the close of this century.
Ex: Good looking goatees are no longer just the signature facial hairstyle for beatniks.
* rasgo característico = characteristic feature.
* ser característico de = be emblematic of.

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