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affection, fondness; love; kindliness; endearments, loving words; caress, affectionate touch

affection affection

(n.) = affection ; warmth ; fondness ; tenderness ; caring ; honey ; attachment.
Ex: These he bound up in three volumes, and on the fly leaf of the first volume wrote 'I have always retained a kind of affection for little story books, as they recall muy early days'.
Ex: The spark of warmth had emboldened her.
Ex: It may sound trite, but it is indeed gratifying to know that one has made a difference in somebody's life and is remembered with fondness = Puede sonar poco novedoso, aunque de hecho es gratificante saber que uno ha sido importante en la vida de alguien y que se le recuerda con cariño.
Ex: In addition to its weirdness, vitriol, and zaniness, the volume is characterized by solid good sense with an undertone of genuinely elegiac tenderness.
Ex: Parents can show warmth and caring by hugging their children and reassuring them of parental love and concern for their welfare.
Ex: The article 'Honey, I shrunk the kids' market' examines the mysterious decline in the profitability of the UK children's book market.
Ex: Librarians have affirmed their attachment to freedom of expression.
* coger cariño = cotton (on) to.
* coger cariño a = grow + fond of.
* con cariño = fondly ; affectionately.
* con mucho cariño = dearly.
* ganarse el cariño = endear.
* ganarse + Posesivo + cariño = win + Posesivo + affection.
* granjearse el cariño = endear.
* guardar con mucho cariño = treasure.
* recordado con cariño = fondly remembered.
* tomar cariño = cotton (on) to.
* tomar cariño a = grow + fond of.

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