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affectionate, loving, fond; kind, affable


(adj.) = warm ; affectionate ; fond ; loving ; tender ; kindly ; kind ; cuddly ; warm-hearted.
Ex: Her face broke into a warm friendly smile.
Ex: There were moments when he could be almost affectionate, moments when his thoughts did not seem to be turned inward upon his own anxious solicitudes.
Ex: The editorial 'Bidding a fond farewell' marks the end of Carol Diedrichs' 13 years as editor in chief of the journal.
Ex: The attention good literature pays to life is both loving and detached.
Ex: A single drawing can have a highly emotional impact and can be effective as either a heavy, bold statement or a tender reminder.
Ex: Natasha continued to lean out of the window for a long time, beaming at him with her kindly, slightly quizzical, happy smile.
Ex: I would like to extend my thanks to our host who was kind enough to invite me.
Ex: Some cats are cuddlier by nature while others need some encouragement to enjoy human contact.
Ex: Over the next few months, they will be donating thousands of pounds to help warm-hearted people and community projects.
* abrazo cariñoso = warm hug.
* nada cariñoso = unloving.
* poco cariñoso = unloving.

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