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folder, file; subdirectory of a disk or in which files are stored (Computers); portfolio; pad; briefcase

writing case



(n.) = binder ; folder ; portfolio ; cabinet file ; project folder ; subdirectory.
Ex: The sheaf catalogue comprises sets of slips held in small looseleaf binders.
Ex: Photographs are normally kept in drawers of standard filing cabinets, with folders or pockets, or both.
Ex: A portfolio is a container for holding loose materials, e.g. paintings, drawings, papers, unbound sections of a book, and similar materials, consisting of two covers joined together at the back; the covers are usually tied with tapes at the fore edge, top, and bottom.
Ex: A wide range of pamphlet and leaflet material was collected and arranged in cabinet files under topic heads such as health, employment, child welfare.
Ex: For instance, if children are doing a project work on dogs, they will hunt out anything and everything that so much as mentions them and the bits thus mined are assiduously transcribed into project folders.
Ex: The citations are downloaded to a subdirectory on the microcomputer's hard disc.
* carpeta cerrada = pocket.
* carpeta de anillas = ring binder.

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