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waterfall, cascade, fall
broken; decrepit; worn out; cracked, unmelodious



(n.) = waterfall ; fall.
Ex: It's a fortress guarding sacred waterfalls, and a cauldron of savage white-water and unrunnable rapids.
Ex: Vast lakes, awesome falls and runnable rapids make a trip along this river dazzling and challenging.
* caer en forma de cascada = cascade.
* plantilla en cascada = cascading style sheet.
(v.) = whittle on about ; shoot + the breeze ; shoot + the bull ; natter ; have + a natter ; chew + the fat ; yack ; have + a yack ; yammer ; witter on about ; talk about + ideas.
Ex: And before some berk starts whittling on about anti-car lobbies, we should all be lobbying for less car use if we've got any interest whatsoever in the future.
Ex: While they eat, they shoot the breeze, telling tall tales and talking about the guy who just left.
Ex: I wish him well in his retirement, he always seemed like the kind of guy you could talk sports with or just shoot the bull.
Ex: Overall very impressed with their behaviour and attitude except for two who couldn't stop nattering during the last ten minutes of the lesson.
Ex: It's a perfect bar to meet up and have a drink and a natter or simply chill and relax whilst watching the world go by in the park below.
Ex: It was the perfect time to chew the fat with Geoff and talk to him about his insatiable appetite for the macabre.
Ex: A woman yacking on the phone swerved over into the bike lane and hit a 10 yr old girl on her way home from school.
Ex: I'd be pleased to have a yack on the phone if you want to bounce any ideas around, consider options etc and get the ball rolling.
Ex: The second guy yammered about how there's proof that the Bible is true, but failed to offer any.
Ex: Instead of wittering on about future trends, why don't they just devote their time to finding cures?.
Ex: That's for those who like to sit around and talk about ideas and idly stroking each other but don't like to put their balls on the line and do things.
* cascársela = jag off.
(v.) = crack.
Ex: A data base must respond to a dynamic reality in which terms, 'strain, crack and sometimes break under the burden, under the tension, slip, slide, perish, decay with imprecision, will not stay in place, will not stay still'.
* estar a punto de cascarlas = be on + Posesivo + last legs.

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