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next, near
almost, nearly; about; much; half; quasi; next to

almost, nearly


= almost ; nearly ; virtually ; something of ; barely ; well-nigh ; pretty well ; by the skin of + Posesivo + teeth ; just about.
Ex: Documents rarely exactly match a user's requirements because information can be packaged in almost as many different ways as there are participants in a subject area.
Ex: Today, BLCMP offers services to nearly fifty member libraries including public libraries, university libraries polytechnic libraries and others.
Ex: Virtually all software packages offer the purchaser the opportunity to evolve a record format which suits a specific application.
Ex: Shannon's approach proved something of a dead end.
Ex: There are fewer women library directors now than in 1964, and in all types of employment women earn barely more than half the earnings of men.
Ex: This report seems to have raised more questions than it has answered, particularly in the area of ILL costs and charges, where controversy rages and agreement between the various types of library appears well-nigh impossible to reach.
Ex: Ozon's novel falls flat because the plot is not only foreseeable pretty well every step of the way but, at its weakest, slumps into novelettish cliche.
Ex: The middle class holds on by the skin of its teeth, saved from a real downward slide only by record increases in the number of dual-income families.
Ex: Immorality and general disrespect for our fellow beings is just about the norm in this day and age.
* apenas casi ninguno = barely any.
* casi analfabeto = near-illiterate.
* casi aritmético = quasi-arithmetical.
* casi ausencia = quasi-absence.
* casi chocar con = have + a close brush with.
* casi conseguir = come + close to + Gerundio.
* casi contemporáneo = near-contemporary.
* casi cualquier = almost any.
* casi cualquier cosa = just about anything ; most anything ; almost anything.
* casi de auxiliar administrativo = quasi-clerical.
* casi + desmayarse = nearly + faint.
* casi de todo = just about everything.
* casi extinto = near-extinct.
* casi fanático = near-frantic.
* casi fatal = near-fatal.
* casi + Fecha = for the best part of + Fecha ; for the better part of + Fecha.
* casi histérico = highly-strung ; high-strung.
* casi inaceptable = borderline.
* casi indiscutiblemente = arguably.
* casi la perfección = near-perfection.
* casi llegar a chocar con = have + a close brush with.
* casi matar con la mirada = glare at ; look + daggers at.
* casi + morir = nearly + die.
* casi mortal = near-fatal.
* casi nada = next to nothing.
* casi nadie = hardly anybody ; scarcely anybody ; hardly anyone ; scarcely anyone ; hardly a soul.
* casi neutro = near-neutral.
* casi nunca = hardly ever.
* casi siempre = almost invariably.
* casi sinónimo = near synonym.
* casi sin previo aviso = without much notice.
* casi todo = everything but the kitchen sink ; just about everything ; most anything ; almost anything ; most everything ; almost everything.
* casi todo(s) = almost any ; every other.
* casi universal = quasi-universal.
* casi + Verbo = all but + Verbo.
* desde casi el comienzo = from (very) early on.
* desde casi el primer momento = from (very) early on.
* desde casi el principio = from (very) early on.
* disminuir casi hasta su desaparación = drop to + near vanishing point.
* durante casi + Fecha = for the best part of + Fecha ; for the better part of + Fecha.
* durante casi todo el año = for the best part of the year.
* en casi nada = in no time at all ; in next to no time ; in no time.
* en casi todos los + Nombre = in just about every + Nombre.
* eso es casi todo = that's about it.
* estar casi finalizado = near + completion.
* estar casi terminado = be nearing completion ; reach + near completion.
* familia casi analfabeta = subliterate home.
* pasar casi chocando con = have + a close brush with.
* pasar casi rozando = skim.
* por nada or casi nada = at little or no extra cost.
* reproducción casi facsímil = quasi-facsimile.
* ser algo casi seguro = be a sure bet ; be a safe bet ; be a good bet.
* ser casi seguro = be a good bet ; be a sure bet.
* una oportunidad casi segura = a sporting chance.
= for the best part of + Fecha ; for the better part of + Fecha.
Ex: As a consequence, in the eighteenth edition, we still find three figure numbers in Logic (which has been static now for the best part of 2,000 years). Ex: Part of the reason he is such a scruff is he took on sponsorship to raise money for charity by agreeing to not have his beard or hair cut for the better part of a year.

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