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chestnut; chignon, tight roll of hair worn high at the back of the head
brown; auburn, chestnut



(n.) = chestnut.
Ex: He successfully walks the tightrope between being a scholar and being a fan, delivering a book that makes chestnuts like The Wizard of Oz fresh and fun again.
* castaña caliente = roast chestnut.
* castaña de Indias = horse chestnut ; conker.
* castañas glaseadas = marron glacé.
* juego de las castañas = conkers.
* sacar las castañas del fuego = sort out + the mess ; pick up + the pieces.
* sacarle las castañas del fuego a Alguien = pull + Posesivo + chestnuts out of the fire.
(adj.) = maroon ; coppery ; chestnut brown.
Ex: With its purchase the newspaper staff took on 99% of the press work required to print the 'Maroon and White' newspaper.
Ex: My car was filled with a faint coppery smell that reminded me of blood.
Ex: She grinned at me before rumpling my chestnut brown hair affectionately.
* castaño claro = light brown.
* de color castaño = chestnut brown.
* ojos castaños = chestnut eyes.

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