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(adj.) = punished.
Ex: The punished people will carry coffins on their backs wherever they go and Allah will talk to each one alone about their sins.
* estar castigado = be in the doghouse.
* no ser castigado por Algo = get away with.
(v.) = punish ; slap ; victimise [victimize, -USA] ; put + Nombre + on the rack ; discipline ; chastise ; smite ; bludgeon ; come down (hard) on ; chasten.
Ex: They admitted that they did not evaluate their technicians and aides, and confirmed that increases were automatic and the same 'across-the-board'; superior performance was not rewarded, nor inferior performance punished.
Ex: I wonder if she did quit if she could slap us with a lawsuit.
Ex: In the name of collegiality, students are victimized, considerable intellectual resources are being squandered, and the general public is deliberately misled.
Ex: The article 'Putting publishers on the rack' discusses the implications for publishers of supermarkets' greater interest in books.
Ex: It draws from the cases some practical pointers for librariansin hiring, firing, and disciplining employees = Deduce de los casos algunos consejos prácticos para los bibliotecarios de cómo contratar, despedir y sancionar a los empleados.
Ex: The profession should cease practising the amateurism for which it chastises employers who have untrained persons trying to function as librarians.
Ex: Instead, this may come off as a sort of mixed signal considering that God has chosen to smite California right after a proposition was passed banning same sex marriage.
Ex: Spain has become the latest European nation to stump up billions in public cash to bail out car firms bludgeoned by the economic crisis.
Ex: Of course they couldn't possibly come down on the lazy liggers of society -- they will come down hard on the people that really need financial help.
Ex: Sometimes children need to be chastened so they can have a happy future.
* castigar a Alguien = ground + Alguien.
* castigar con la prisión = punish with + prison.
* castigar con todo el peso de la ley = punish + to the full extent of the law.
* castigar con un simple tirón de orejas = let + Nombre + off with a slap on the wrist ; get off with + a slap on the wrist ; get away with + a slap on the wrist.
* castigar duramente = smite ; throw + the book at.
* castigar severamente = blast ; crack down on.

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