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prisoner, person held against his will, female who is a captive
captivate, enthrall


(v.) = captivate ; enthral [enthrall, -USA] ; charm ; mesmerise [mesmerize, -USA] ; beguile ; enchant ; capture + the imagination ; bewitch ; entrance ; smite ; get + Nombre + under + Posesivo + spell ; put + Nombre + under + Posesivo + spell ; attract ; engross ; enrapture ; grip ; ravish ; catch + Posesivo + imagination.
Ex: This article suggests a number of titles which can be relied on to captivate the young reader and arouse enthusiasm for further exploration of the world of books.
Ex: If one encounters a young patron who is an animal lover, the recommendation of a book such as Kipling's 'The Jungle Book' may enthrall him or her.
Ex: We will see the mountains of lobster traps and the charming crooked streets and hazy seascapes that charmed painter Fitzhugh Lane.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Have librarians become mesmerised by information technology?'.
Ex: Beguiling as the show is, it perhaps lacks major impact because it has taken elements from lacework and painting in such a way as to avoid the fundamental challenges of both.
Ex: The article 'The power to enchant: puppets in the public library' describes the construction of a puppet theatre in a public library.
Ex: This paper describes how a middle grade school teacher uses a core list of books to capture the imagination of his students and to encourage them to write honestly about their lives.
Ex: In legend a potion is a concoction used to heal, bewitch or poison people, made by a magician, sorcerer or witch.
Ex: Her husband is entranced with a woman who is manic-depressive.
Ex: It's hard to imagine a red-blooded man anywhere in the world who could look at her and not be 'smitten' with her.
Ex: After getting him under her spell, Clark reveals his powers to the woman, who immediately begins to exploit them for her own ends.
Ex: One glance from her eyes so dark and so brown, put him under her spell, his world spun around.
Ex: The range of data bases has attracted a number of academic libraries.
Ex: A good novel will engross me and have me switched off from the real world for hours.
Ex: He can play the piano like no one else and his impromptus of Schubert and Chopin are so beautiful that they enrapture and craze the listeners with delight.
Ex: Fight fever seemed to grip the whole nation when pugilism was in its prime, even though the sport was against the law.
Ex: Extremely ambitious in design and scope, it puzzled and troubled readers at least as much as it ravished them.
Ex: Thesaurofacet has caught the imagination of a number of other thesaurus constructors.
* cautivar al mundo = make + a big noise in the world.
(n.) = captive.
Nota: Nombre.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Praise the Net and pass the modem: revolutionaries and captives in the information society'.
(adj.) = captive.
Nota: Adjetivo.
Ex: Recent legislation and social pressures produced changes in the Animal Welfare Act, including a provision that requires environments that promote the 'psychological well-being' of captive nonhuman primates.
* público cautivo = captive audience.

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