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concede, admit; yield, give up; cede, assign, grant


(v.) = give over ; give ; hand over ; cede ; yield ; pass over ; sign away ; buckle ; remit ; compromise ; give in ; cave in (to) ; die down ; knuckle under (to) ; let up ; back down (from) ; back off ; budge.
Ex: The old building is now given over to children and young people.
Ex: Visitors would be surprised by the loud creaking and groaning of the presses as the timbers gave and rubbed against each other.
Ex: Eventually, teachers should be able to 'hand the chalk over to the students' and take a back seat.
Ex: We see this most clearly in the United Kingdom right now, as the Westminster government cedes authority both to the European Union and to a new parliament in Scotland.
Ex: She actually had an impulse to go and tell the staff to cast off their chains; she did not, however, yield to it.
Ex: She also indicated in passing that in future authors would not automatically pass over the copyright of research results in papers to publishers.
Ex: The article is entitled 'License agreements in lieu of copyright: are we signing away our rights?'.
Ex: The arches of greenhouses buckle under snow loads but the criteria used to study the effects are devised for rectilinear beams.
Ex: The fever was resolved and the skin lesions started to remit during the following 3 weeks.
Ex: The moment we compromise among ourselves to adopt rules that are incompatible with ideology then I think we are merely providing the necessity before very long to have these changes brought about.
Ex: At first he tried self-treatment by rubbing it with the tail of a cat, but eventually gave in and consulted a local physician.
Ex: It takes more courage to say no and stand up for what's right and is best for them, than it does to cave in to knuckleheads like you two.
Ex: The strong winds have died down as the morning has progressed but it is still gusty at times out on the mountain.
Ex: This is what decadence looks like: a frantic coarseness that trashes its own values and then knuckles under swiftly to totalitarianism and brute force.
Ex: We can't let up on that just because these are tough times and he's had a very successful campaign.
Ex: He became known as a tough guy who wouldn't back down from any fisticuffs.
Ex: When she got stressed we would back off until she showed interest again a few weeks later.
Ex: Pete was stunned -- he tried reasoning with the woman, but she would not budge.
* ceder (ante) = give + way (to) ; bow to ; give + place (to).
* ceder ante la presión = surrender to + pressure.
* ceder ante la presión de = give in to.
* ceder a una demanda = bow to + demand.
* ceder el paso = give + way (to) ; yield + the right of way ; give + place (to).
* ceder el relevo = pass (on) + the torch ; pass (on) + the baton.
* ceder las riendas del poder = hand over + the reins of power.
* ceder + Nombre + a = turn + Nombre + over to.
* ceder terreno = yield + ground ; lose + ground.
* ceder un milímetro = cede + a millimeter.
* no ceder = stand + Posesivo + ground ; put + Posesivo + foot down.
* no ceder a las presiones = withstand + pressure.
* no ceder en lo más mínimo = not budge + (an/one/single) inch ; not budge + (an/one/single) iota.
* no ceder (ni) un ápice = not budge + (an/one/single) inch ; not budge + (an/one/single) iota.
* no ceder terreno = stand + Posesivo + ground ; hold + Posesivo + ground.

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