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dine, eat dinner

have tea

to have dinner

to have dinner
to have tea

(v.) = dine ; have (+ Posesivo) + dinner ; have (+ Posesivo) + supper ; eat + Posesivo + dinner.
Ex: They drove from the airport to the restaurant where he was to dine with the president of the 'Friends of the Library' group = Fueron en coche desde el aeropuerto al restaurante donde él había quedado para cenar con el presidente del grupo "Amigos de la Biblioteca".
Ex: Let me just come clean before things go too far -- Pels and I did not have dinner.
Ex: To mark the end of our holiday, we had supper in the revolving restaurant at the top of the KL Tower.
Ex: Due to almost daily electricity cuts, Palestinian families in Gaza often have to eat their dinner by candlelight.
* cenar fuera = dine out.
* cenar + Nombre = have + Nombre + for dinner.
* invitar a Alguien a cenar fuera = invite + Alguien + out to dinner.
* llevar a cenar = take + Nombre + to dinner.

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