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near, close by; nearby, close; around; short
fence; enclose within a fence or other barrier; encircle; besiege, cut off; beset

close, near, nearby

close , near


(n.) = picket fence ; fence.
Ex: The barrier between religion & government in the US is described as a picket fence between accommodationists & separationists.
Ex: I asked why Mr McGregor had a fence around the garden and whether or not Peter needed to go there for food.
* cerca de alambre = wire fence.
* cerca de alambre de púas = barbed-wire fence.
* cerca de tela metálica = wire fence.
* peldaños para saltar una cerca = stile.
= near ; nearby [near-by] ; near at hand ; close at hand ; handy ; nigh ; within walking distance ; in the vicinity ; within easy walking distance ; within an easy walk.
Ex: You can restrict the neighborhood even more by using NEAR, which searches for two (or more) terms, in any order, in the same sentence.
Ex: An earlier leakage had prompted library staff to make arrangements with a nearby firm of book conservation specialists in the event of a further disaster.
Ex: The firm does not have to be near at hand, but there must be plenty of cooperation and consultation as to selection of stock.
Ex: Material needed daily should be stored close at hand.
Ex: The desire soon dies away and the book is forgotten if copies are not handy = El deseo pronto muere y el libro se olvida si no hay ejemplares a mano.
Ex: The article 'The end is nigh' predicts that the information technology crisis is likely to be worse than predicted because of the need to organize replacement of systems affected by the millennium problem = El artículo "El fin esta cerca' predice que la crisis de la tecnología de la información es probable que sea pero de lo previsto debido a la necesidad de organizar la sustitución de los sistemas afectados por el problema del milenio.
Ex: The pilot phase focused on the students at schools within walking distance of the Central Library.
Ex: In general while on desk duty the librarian must be aware of what is happening in the vicinity and notice who is coming and going.
Ex: For those who wish to make their own arrangements for accommodation, there are many hotels within easy walking distance.
Ex: A great neighborhood has stores and shops that satisfy everyday needs within an easy walk from home.
* al examinar Algo de cerca = on closer examination ; on closer inspection.
* cerca de = close to ; near ; in the vicinity of ; in close proximity to ; around ; a heartbeat away from ; in sight of ; in the proximity of ; short of.
* cerca de + Fecha/Número = circa + Fecha/Número [ca o c, -abrev.].
* cerca + Posesivo = at + Posesivo + elbow.
* cerca uno del otro = in close proximity.
* conducir demasiado cerca de otro = tailgate.
* controlado de cerca = closely monitored.
* controlar muy de cerca = keep + close tabs on.
* de cerca = at close range ; at close quarters ; at point-blank range.
* demasiado cerca = too close for comfort.
* estar cerca = be at hand ; be around.
* estar cerca de = be close to.
* estar muy cerca de = be one step away from ; be steps away from ; come + very close to ; be inches from.
* fijarse de cerca = watch + closely.
* llevar cerca del corazón = be (very) close to + Posesivo + heart.
* lo suficientemente cerca = within range.
* lo suficientemente cerca como para oír = within earshot of.
* más cerca de = more nearly.
* mirada de cerca = close look.
* mirada más de cerca = closer look.
* mirar de cerca = watch + closely.
* mucho más cerca = far closer.
* muy cerca = close-by.
* muy de cerca = not far behind.
* peligrosamente cerca = too close for comfort.
* permanecer cerca = stay + close by.
* por aquí cerca = hereabout(s).
* quedarse cerca = stay + close by.
* seguido de cerca = closely followed ; closely monitored.
* seguir de cerca = monitor ; stay in + control ; keep + track of ; keep + watch (upon/on/over) ; keep + tabs on.
* seguir muy de cerca = breathe down + Posesivo + neck ; keep + close tabs on ; keep + close tabs on.
* tocar muy de cerca = be (very) close to + Posesivo + heart.
* ver la muerte de cerca = have + a close brush with death ; stare + death in the face.
* vigilado de cerca = under close guard.
* vigilar Algo muy de cerca = keep + a watchful eye.
* visión de cerca = ringside view ; ringside seat.
* vivir cerca = live + locally.
(v.) = surround ; come under + siege ; wall ; fence ; seal off ; hem + Nombre + in ; close in on ; lay + siege to ; close off.
Ex: The city loomed far in the distance, with the darkness of nothing surrounding it like a protective cloak.
Ex: The author describes the destruction and dispersal of the contents of the Hanlin library in Beijing during the uprising in 1900, when the Western government diplomatic offices came under siege by the Chinese government.
Ex: It was not extensively inhabited until the later half of the 13th c., and not walled until the later 13th or early 14th c..
Ex: In order to reducing disease risk to livestock scrubs were fenced to prevent expansion of rabbit burrows into grazing pastures.
Ex: In the case of vast and rapidly growing copyright libraries where the stock is sealed off from the public, specific classification is not worth the effort.
Ex: The world of work is no longer constrained by the four physical dimensions of space and time that have hemmed us in for most of recorded history.
Ex: As he closed in on the killer, he discovered evidence that points to the unimaginable -- a revelation that could rock the entire world.
Ex: Syrian tanks laid siege to a defiant town in the centre of the country yesterday.
Ex: Subsequently, we found out that closing off that large area wasn't helping these two species and was unnecessarily affecting fishermen.

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