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enclosure; fence; ring
fence; enclose within a fence or other barrier; encircle; besiege, cut off; beset


(n.) = fencing ; boma ; palisade ; enclosure.
Ex: Despite the addition of miles of new fencing & hundreds of border patrol personnel, the number of unauthorized border crossings have not been significantly reduced.
Ex: Dinner will be served in the boma at the Lodge, where you will again spend the night.
Ex: As a defensive structure, palisades were often used in conjunction with earthworks.
Ex: The popular department could be divided into 'interest areas' by book stacks, display units and interior landscaping, so as to assure a sense of identity and enclosure without inhibiting circulation between the areas.
* cercado con alambre de púas = barbed-wire fencing.
(v.) = surround ; come under + siege ; wall ; fence ; seal off ; hem + Nombre + in ; close in on ; lay + siege to ; close off.
Ex: The city loomed far in the distance, with the darkness of nothing surrounding it like a protective cloak.
Ex: The author describes the destruction and dispersal of the contents of the Hanlin library in Beijing during the uprising in 1900, when the Western government diplomatic offices came under siege by the Chinese government.
Ex: It was not extensively inhabited until the later half of the 13th c., and not walled until the later 13th or early 14th c..
Ex: In order to reducing disease risk to livestock scrubs were fenced to prevent expansion of rabbit burrows into grazing pastures.
Ex: In the case of vast and rapidly growing copyright libraries where the stock is sealed off from the public, specific classification is not worth the effort.
Ex: The world of work is no longer constrained by the four physical dimensions of space and time that have hemmed us in for most of recorded history.
Ex: As he closed in on the killer, he discovered evidence that points to the unimaginable -- a revelation that could rock the entire world.
Ex: Syrian tanks laid siege to a defiant town in the centre of the country yesterday.
Ex: Subsequently, we found out that closing off that large area wasn't helping these two species and was unnecessarily affecting fishermen.

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