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pig, hog, swine




(n.) = pig ; pork ; porker ; swine.
Nota: Tanto singular como plural.
Ex: A child may find through reading a book that a dull day is transformed because he has met a talking pig and a spider that can write in 'Charlotte's Web'.
Ex: A brief history of the following classic soul foods is included: pork, peas, collard, corn or maize, yams, okra, watermelon, and peanuts.
Ex: One day she indulged in her habit of swigging too much gin before going to feed the porker and after opening its pen she slumped in a heap.
Ex: The words 'swine,' 'hogs,' and 'pigs' refer to animals of the porcine family or pig family.
* barbacoa de cerdo = pig roast.
* caña de cerdo = pork loin.
* carne de cerdo = pigmeat.
* carne de cerdo picada = minced pork.
* cerdo a la barbacoa = pig roast.
* cerdo hormiguero = aardvark.
* cerdo macho = boar.
* cerdo vietnamita = pot-bellied pig.
* chillar como un cerdo = squeal like + a pig.
* chuleta de cerdo = chop ; pork chop ; pork cutlet.
* codillo de cerdo = ham hock ; pork hock.
* comida de cerdos = swill.
* comida para cerdos = swill.
* cortezas de cerdo = pork scratchings.
* costilla de cerdo = pork rib.
* cría de cerdos, la = pig farming.
* criadero de cerdos = piggery.
* criador de cerdos = pig farmer.
* criar cerdos = raise + pigs.
* de cerdo = porky .
* echarle margaritas a los cerdos = cast pearls before swine.
* filete de cerdo = pork fillet.
* granja de cerdos = piggery.
* grasa de cerdo = pork fat.
* industria del cerdo, la = pig farming.
* lomo de cerdo = pork loin.
* manteca de cerdo = lard.
* piel de cerdo = pigskin.
* queso de cerdo = head cheese [headcheese].
* sector de la cría de cerdos, el = pig sector, the.
(n.) = glutton ; pig.
Ex: The writer discusses the designation of Jesus as a 'glutton and a drunkard'.
Ex: He was waiting for the opportunity to unleash his fury, no one calls him a pig and gets away with it.
(n.) = scumbag ; swine.
Ex: He then made the comment that our soldiers are fighting 'detestable murderers and scumbags'.
Ex: In German law it is a criminal offense for A to insult B, for example, by calling him a swine.
* cerdo chovinista = chauvinist pig.

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