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Caesar, Roman emperor
stop, cease, surcease; end, terminate; dismiss, fire; quit, leave


to cease césar

(v.) = cease ; terminate ; cashier ; let up.
Ex: After collection has ceased (because a point of diminishing returns appears to have been reached), the cards must be put into groups of 'like' terms.
Ex: At coffee yesterday Jeff Gordon had apprised her of the fact that three of his engineers had been summarily terminated.
Ex: His case was referred to the next session, and in the following May he was cashiered.
Ex: We can't let up on that just because these are tough times and he's had a very successful campaign.
* cesar repentinamente = come to + an abrupt end ; come to + a swift end.
* hostilidades + cesar = hostilities + cease.
* Julio César = Julius Caesar.
* sin cesar = steadily.

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