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chatter, make small talk, chat; talk, gossip; visit

chat, talk

to talk

(v.) = chat ; gossip ; gas ; talk ; shoot + the breeze ; shoot + the bull ; natter ; have + a natter ; chew + the fat ; yack ; have + a yack ; yammer.
Ex: The guest might be better employed seeing small groups half a dozen or so for quarter of an hour, when they could chat about anything that crops up.
Ex: An often-mentioned example of this is the ability of the best typists to type and gossip concurrently.
Ex: It's interesting that the people gassing on about the miracle of creation never mention things like this.
Ex: The philosophy was that every computer on the network would talk, as a peer, with any other computer.
Ex: While they eat, they shoot the breeze, telling tall tales and talking about the guy who just left.
Ex: I wish him well in his retirement, he always seemed like the kind of guy you could talk sports with or just shoot the bull.
Ex: Overall very impressed with their behaviour and attitude except for two who couldn't stop nattering during the last ten minutes of the lesson.
Ex: It's a perfect bar to meet up and have a drink and a natter or simply chill and relax whilst watching the world go by in the park below.
Ex: It was the perfect time to chew the fat with Geoff and talk to him about his insatiable appetite for the macabre.
Ex: A woman yacking on the phone swerved over into the bike lane and hit a 10 yr old girl on her way home from school.
Ex: I'd be pleased to have a yack on the phone if you want to bounce any ideas around, consider options etc and get the ball rolling.
Ex: The second guy yammered about how there's proof that the Bible is true, but failed to offer any.
* charlar un rato = pass + the time of day.

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